Sunday, March 20, 2005

Informal Breakpoints political poll

Breakpoints conducted a Google search to find out who talks more shit, Republicans or Democrats. I expected the Republicans to take the cake for sure. The results were suprising:
"Republicans are idiots" - 1,190 hits
"Democrats are idiots" - 707 hits
This probably reflects that Democrats are more internet savvy while your average Republican fears change and therefore stays clear of the web. Although the God of all Republicans, Karl Rove, seems to be knowledgeable of the internet. He has even seen this fucking blog personally (see I just met Karl Rove). And, one Republican did manage to create I should also point out that exists as well. I am thinking of forming my own website: Fuck this. I am an independent, and so far they are not being assaulted on the web.
"Independents are idiots" - 3 hits.


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