Wednesday, March 16, 2005

This is clossic

Below is an email I received from the support team at Blogharbor, where my old blog used to be.


Would it be safe to assume that you would like to cancel your account? I
saw this on your blog:

> Although my new blog is free and I had to pay the fuckers at BlogHarbor
every month. That might have something to do with it.<

so I am wondering if you would like us to cancel your account.

Though I did not appreciate the "fuckers at BlogHarbor" reference, I did
find the "Holy SHIRT, I just met Karl Rove" post surreal and it more than
made up for any insult I might have felt. ;-)

Just let us know if you would like to stay on or not.

John Keegan
BlogHarbor Support Team


Blogger Drake Studebake chirped...

in da bul we respond to comments like this by mailing a rooster's left testicle to the author's mother.

my office is on fire

1:45 AM  

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