Monday, May 09, 2005

Arianna Huffington: Theiving Bitch!

Well it was bound to happen sometime. Some stupid socialite stole the idea behind Botz Thoughtz and is getting all the credit for it. Arianna Huffington just launched a new blog today that has multiple contributors, about 300 of them, from B-List actors to Neocon sonofabitch David Frum. They also report quasi-news, such as this supposedly breaking story about a Doomsday Device in Saudi Arabia set to go off if the country is invaded. I suppose the Saudis' theory is this: invade us and you can say bye-bye to the world's supply of oil and hello to your new future living in the movie Roadwarrior. Of course by the looks of things, Bush won't be invading Saudi Arabia anytime soon. Besides, the book is by the author of Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK....which summarizes that Oswald acted alone, an anti-conspracy theory which is complete hogwash in my opinion. I am getting away from my point. Arianna Huffington ripped off my idea and seems to be flourishing in it. Oh well, at least I'm not this guy.


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