Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Weekend Botz Shotz coming soon

I've decided I am going to make this one of those blogs that posts a lot of photos. I took some Botz Shotz out in the Kuntry (Upperville, VA) last weekend. I also have some good ones at the Nationals game on Sunday night. At one point I tried to take a shot of a posse of girls who I was with, but as I reached for my camera I dropped my plastic Miller Lite bottle which landed perfectly straight on the ground. Due to some physics, all the beer shot straight upward like a Geyser and landed directly on the head of the man sitting next to me, a total stranger who I think may have actually been NY Times writer Paul Krugman. They were pretty good seats by the dugout. And we were playing the New York Mets. Hmmmm. If it was him, I apologize for the beer shower and I'd like to say that I like your op-ed pieces, but Bob Herbert continues to shit on all the competition. Look for Botz Shotz coming soon, and also more Botz music like this classic hit from 2005.


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More personal photos please.

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