Wednesday, June 22, 2005

al-Qaida's $300 Billion Dollar Training Facility

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Hmmmm. Who'd ever have thunk it? The American military occupation of Iraq may not have yielded those magical Weapons of Mass Destruction, but it has accomplished something great: the world's largest, most advanced terrorist training ground....ever. That's right. The monkey bars the guys in Turbans were swinging on (remember those al-Qaida training videos) weren't enough for Bush and the Neocons. They felt our vague, external enemy required something more engaging: how about Iraq?

The urban nature of the war in Iraq means that combatants are learning how to carry out assassinations, kidnappings, car bombings and other kinds of attacks. Jihadists who survive will leave Iraq experienced in and focused on acts of urban terrorism.

Good job, IDIOT! By the way, does anyone remember the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 80s? Didn't that long, dragged out conflict eventually weaken and destroy the USSR? Well that is Bin Laden's plan. Iraq is a three-fold treat for the world's Most Wanted and Least Hunted terrorist. Not only is Saddam's secular (anti al-Qaida) government out of the picture, the occupation is bleeding the United States dry financially and militarily while simultaneously keeping al-Qaida skilled and ready to bring the war to us when we finally collapse. Wow. Exactly whose side is Bush on?


Anonymous Anonymous chirped...

This is enlightening and depressing. It makes complete sense, of course - I have no doubt that Pat Harkness' dream boat (AKA Osama) is smarter than our fearless leader. By the way, with regards to recent polls showing support for Bush plummeting on every major issue of the day, can someone be a leader if no one follows? Its an experiment that we, the people, should take on whole-heartedly.

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Blogger Tempo Casual chirped...

Holy Shit.
Who are you?
Would you like to be a writer on Botz Thoughtz?

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Blogger Bot Broaduss chirped...

I already am. I just like to post anonymously sometimes so it seems like there's more people reading, and interested, than just us dumb asses.

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Blogger Tempo Casual chirped...

Oh it's you. Well if takes anonyminity to get someone to say something of substance them so be it. I won't tell anyone about your webbed feet either.

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