Friday, June 17, 2005

That gives a whole new meaning to the term "cock-fighting"

This is going to be one of those posts that is similar to the premise of Seinfeld: it's going to be about nothing. The fact is that I am hungover as fucking hell right now. Last night I drank tequila with Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds. It was classique. I am considering changing the font of this blog. Jakob Von Eichel has a musturd fetish. I need a new wallet. Bryce Fine is becoming a homeless man in three days. Yippee!!! I have nothing political to say. Fuck you. Internet nerds might be interested in this. Oh, I invented a new word:

stressure (noun)

It describes the feeling of stress and pressure combined. It's like being under pressure from stress. For instance: My parents are kicking me out of the house and I'm being sued by an Arab: I'm under a lot of stressure right now.

PS: Have you have heard rumors about July 4th? If not, then drop me a line. We don't mention such things in cyberspace.

Also, I changed my name to Chaboy.

Anyways, I love all of you. Holla at me.


Anonymous Anonymous chirped...

Hey I just stumbled on to your blog and it's fucking hilarious! What do you think of that?

7:13 PM  
Blogger Tempo Casual chirped...

Holla @ Chaboy

7:14 PM  

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