Friday, November 18, 2005

Allright bamas. Listen up.

Shit is happening. They might open up Roy Rogers in DC again--lots of them. Paradise Liquor has been bought out for goddamn yuppie sushi. What's worse is that we will probably be the yuppies eating sushi there. REPENT! I just want you bamas and bamettes to know that while I have been very quiet in the blogosphere and with the exception of my main man Drake Sselter from Asign the Color Red, not one of ya'll has decided to pursue a single's career. That's cool and all. Just know that Washington is red hot although it just got ice cold and I am about to burst on the scene again like an orgasm that you purposefully held in for too long. Yes, feel free to imagine that. Its about to snow.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Thrown out of Paradise

I cry a jailhouse tatoo tear for Paradise Liquor, forced to move from it location at 14th and T, NW, by Bart Seaver's tony Cafe Saint-Ex and its fancy-pants seafood specials. From the WaPo front-pager:

The slow fade of the old 14th and T is underway. Engineers begin taking soil samples from church property. Cafe Saint-Ex, the trendy bistro that arrived two years ago, is hosting oyster night and Bastille Day night and is packing it in on weekends. Paradise Liquor on the other corner has less than two months left on its lease. Gone will be burglar bars that wrap around the doors like ominous orthodontia and the stale air of a package store that failed to change with the times.
"How you doin', Pop?" manager David Lee asks a man who is holding a pipe and a half-pint of gin.

"What they gonna do with this building?" Pop asks. "They trying to sell it?"

"I don't know. Why?" Lee asks. "You wanna buy it?"

In Paradise, where nothing is ever addressed directly, Pop knows he just got an affirmative answer. The Paradise building was bought last year for $900,000, and the new landlord is tripling the rent, forcing Paradise to move out when its lease expires.

Oh, well....